Professor Ulmer in his lab, circa 1992.

Gene C. Ulmer Undergraduate Support Fund

This fund delivers resources that enable student access to earth science activities such as field camps and training, research and facilities, and scholarships. Gifts to this fund are essential to ensuring that the costs of education do not prohibit access, learning, and success.

This endowed fund was created in 2008 by Gene Ulmer, former Professor of EES from 1968 through 2007, who helped build the earth science program at Temple in its first decade. He was an impactful scientist, a Fulbright Scholar, and recipient of the Humbolt Research Award. And Gene was a dynamic personality and passionate advocate for undergraduate education and research. To sustain these goals, he created a protected endowed fund to ensure continuing access and opportunities for undergraduate student research and training.

Davatzes Family Foundation Fund for EES Graduate Student Support

This fund provides financial support for Earth and Environmental Science graduate student activities, such as scholarships, research activities, and costs related to training and workshops, as well as awards that recognize student achievement.

Contributions go to a protected endowed fund that generates yearly proceeds used to support graduate student activities such as research, access to facilities, training, travel and presentation at meetings, and scholarships.

Earth and Environmental Science Department Support Fund

This fund provides the department with resources to support students and faculty, and their research and development activities.

Gifts to the Earth and Environmental Science Support Fund are essential to the success of the department.  As a primary source of unrestricted funding to the department, these gifts provide the resources to support students and faculty, to innovate departmental programs to address societal challenges and to better understand our world. No other fund gives us the power and flexibility to adapt to these challenges.