As part of a public university in the dynamic urban setting of Philadelphia, Temple Biology hosts an internationally renowned community who strive to improve disparities in learning, healthcare, and the environment through inclusive education and cutting-edge research. Students and scholars choose Temple Biology for the wide variety of innovative programs and research opportunities that prepare our graduates to achieve their goals and allow researchers to excel in their fields.

This plan was created in 2021 by the entire Department of Biology (faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students) who contributed to the process through brainstorming, condensing, and ranking ideas followed by drafting of the plan in four committees: Vision and Mission, Research, Teaching, and Service, and revision following a Department-wide comment period.

Vision Statement 

We envision a Department that serves as a model of innovative training and the co-creation of knowledge that will uplift a diverse community of scholars as they work towards a successful scientific future. Our vision is of a center of research excellence that continues to address critical challenges to our city, our region, and our global society.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to contribute fundamental and applied insights into biological systems from the molecule to the biome through trans-disciplinary approaches. Temple Biology supports our diverse student body by providing advanced training in the biological sciences and pathways to traditional and non-traditional careers.