Professor Hazel Tomlinson

In her half-century at Temple, Hazel Tomlinson inspired enduring devotion in those she trained, mentored, and supported. Her strict classroom manner was paired with her powerful commitment to both the academic growth and the personal development of her students. Teaching was a duty she held above all others. Even today, Dr. Tomlinson continues to help outstanding chemistry students through a CST scholarship established by her estate in 1995.

1922: Setting her course. As a high school senior in Huntington Valley, Hazel decides that she wants to teach chemistry.

1922: A college freshman at 15. It is written in her year book, “Hazel is really too young to study Chemistry but her age seems to have nothing to do with her grades.”

1927: Dreams realized. A newly minted Master of Chemistry, Hazel begins her career at Temple as an assistant professor.

1939: Doctor Tomlinson. She receives her doctorate at Columbia, earned by studying in the summers while teaching during the year.

1974: 52 Temple years. Dr. Tomlinson retires and the messages of respect and remembrance from her former students pour in. 

Hazel’s legacy lives on every day in the chemistry classrooms and laboratories of today’s Temple. CST initiatives like Science Scholars and Undergraduate Research Program allow faculty and students to work side by side. Now, as in Hazel’s day, professors are enriching the lives of Temple students in the classroom, in the laboratory, and beyond.