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Message from the CST Alumni Board President:

In 2008, I was asked to join the newly formed CST Alumni Board. My first question: “What will the board do?”

One of the board’s first tasks was to establish a successful mentoring pro- gram, something that other Temple University schools and colleges were struggling to do. The idea of helping students appealed to me very much— I am in debt to the people throughout my life who have taught me, encouraged me and allowed me to gain from their experience. Two years ago, the board implemented the Owl to Owl Mentor Program, an initiative

I chaired. The program tripled in participation last year and has caught the attention of the entire university.

With Paul Curcillo as president and myself as vice president—at first, the board’s only two members—the Alumni Board has grown to 15 accom- plished professionals dedicated to helping students and CST. We recently established a scholarship for deserving and talented CST students and hope to make the first award in the fall of 2015.

Paul is now president-elect of the Temple University Alumni Association, and I have the daunting task of filling his very big shoes at CST. But I am looking forward to that role, because I know the work we do is so important to so many students. After all, one of life’s most rewarding experiences is giving back and guiding students toward their dreams.

I ask you to join in these efforts, either as a mentor or through supporting the Alumni Scholarship Fund. We are witnessing incredible changes here at Temple and CST. Helping students take advantage of this great university is a wonderful thing to do and doesn’t require a whole lot of time or money— just a desire to help.

Jim Guare (BA '77, MA '83, Chem)

I want to hear your ideas. How can the Alumni Board help graduates build a professional network, stay connected to CST and support today’s students and faculty? Email me at