Student Ambassadors/Ombudspersons

Each CST department has a Student Ambassador/Ombudsperson (SA/O) who is a qualified undergraduate major in that department. The SA/O is thoroughly familiar with requirements and curricula of the department, and can competently advise fellow students on the courses and faculty members of the department. He or she also has the information about career options for the department's graduates.

The SA/O is familiar with the College of Science and Technology Grievance Procedure and is the first person to consult in case of an academic grievance.

The SA/O will serve as a student-faculty "go-between," and attempt to resolve the grievance. A student must initiate this first stage of the academic grievance by submitting a letter detailing the grievance. (Learn more about the procedure's three stages.) A copy of the College of Science and Technology Grievance Procedure can be obtained from the SA/O. Each SA/O has an office in his or her department, and the SA/O program coordinator is located in the Office of Student Services.

SAOs location and work hours for fall 2018:

Kaitlin O’Malley– SAO Coordinator
Paley Library Suite 150 (CST Advising)
Tuesday 9:30-12:30, 2-3:30
Thursday 9-12:30

Paige Pammer– Biology
Bio Life Sci 159-B
Monday and Friday 1-3
Tuesday 9-11am

Nicolas Degen – EES
Beury Hall, Rm. 329, 3rd fl., Computer lab.
Monday and Wednesday 10-12
Thursday 3-4

Ashley Bryant – CIS
Paley Library Suite 150 (CST Advising)
Tuesday and Thursdays 2-5 

Lauren Hoffman– Chemistry
Beury Hall, Room 228
Tuesday and Thursday 11:30-1:30
Friday 11-1

Sujay Rajkumar – Math
Wachman Hall, Undergrad Lounge, 6th fl.
Monday and Friday 10-11
Thursday 10-12

Eric Miller– Physics
SERC Rm. 409
Monday 11-12:30
Wednesday 12:30-5

Eric Miller– Physics
SERC 4th Fl. Student Lounge
Tuesday and Thursday 10-11
Wednesday 11-3