Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors 
CST Peer Advisors assist our students with a variety of questions. The peer advisors are trained on CST and Temple University policies, services, and procedures. They serve as a point of contact as students arrive at the Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development. Our peers help with students related programs and projects.
Any general questions can be directed to our Peer Advisors. As Temple students, they are willing and able to offer great advice to help students achieve their goals. You can email that at
Olivia Bayer, Junior
Major: Mathematics with Teaching
Hometown: Hillsborough, New Jersey
Favorite Scientist: Sir Isaac Newton
Favorite Place to eat in Philadelphia: The Good King Tavern
Lauren Castellana, Senior
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Bear Creek, Pennsylvania 
Favorite Scientist: Past: Leonardo da Vinci, Present: Jim Al-Khalili
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Sweet Charlie's
Isaac Jones, Junior
Major: Information Science and Technology
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA 
Favorite scientist: Bill Nye
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Wawa

Nivi Kanvar, Junior
Major: Bioengineering CE, Pre-Med 
Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania 
Favorite Scientist: Rosalind Franklin
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Mango Leaf
Daniel Lei, Senior 
Major(s): Kinesiology 
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Favorite Scientist: Schrödinger
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Halal Cart
Lee Mai, Junior
Major: Math and Computer Science
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite Scientist: Galileo
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: The Breakfast Boutique

Thinh Q. Nguyen (Bin), Senior
Major: Biochemistry, Pre-Med; Minor: Cognitive Neuroscience
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam 
Favorite Scientist: Marie Curie
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: The Franklin Fountain



Brooke Quinn, Junior
Major: Biology; Minor: Statistics 
Hometown: Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Favorite Scientist: Matthias Jakob Schleiden
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Franklin Fountain
Asma Sharaf, Senior
Major: Biology 
Hometown: Egypt, but grew up in South Philadelphia
Favorite Scientist: Stephen Hawking
Favorite Place to Eat in Philadelphia: Reading Terminal Market



Esha Kadakia, Junior
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Allentown, PA
Favorite scientist: Katherine Johnson 
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Banana Leaf


Besjana Lile, Senior
Major: Information Science & Technology 
Hometown: Albania
Favorite scientist: Isaac Newton
Favorite place to eat in Philadelphia: Butcher and Singer




Zainab Shoda,
Major: Biology with Teaching
Hometown: Magnolia, DE
Favorite Scientist: Katherine Johnson 
Favorite Place to eat in Philadelphia: Dan Dan 


Eric Gurevich,
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Lower Southampton
Favorite Scientist: Paul Erdős
Favorite Place to eat in Philadelphia: Yummy Pho



Melissa Gomez, Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Langhorne
Favorite Scientist: Walter White
Favorite Place to eat in Philadelphia: Fabio's Chicken