Banner Prerequisites and Corequisites

How to read Banner prerequisites and/or corequisites

General principles

“ANDs” separate each requirement, and “ORs” show options within each of those requirements. “ORs” make reading the prerequisites complex but they allow students who have bypassed early requirements, or taken variant courses, to not be flagged every time they register for a course that requires that early requirement.


The simple prerequisite of a C in Math 1021 is required for courses such as Math 1022.  Note that one can demonstrate completion of this by any of the following:

  1. Passing Math 1021 at the C level at TU (the distinction of where it was taken is due to the C minimum grade);
  2. Having a test code that shows you have passed Math 1021 in transfer at the C level;
  3. Passing a higher level mathematics course; or
  4. Placing into a higher level mathematics course.