Graduation Ceremony

2019 CST December Graduation

Date: Thursday, December 19th, 2019
Time: 1pm-2pm
Location: Temple Performing Arts Center (TPAC)

Post-Reception: SERC Lobby directly following the ceremony

Livestream Information to be determined-- Find us on Facebook:

Student RSVP 

Students must RSVP for the CST December Ceremony. The RSVP deadline is November 15th. Students must have RSVP to have a seat as graduation, as well as have tickets for their guests. Late RSVPs may result in limited ticket availability. 

You can only RSVP to graduation with your Temple email address. If you are logged into another account, you will not be able to RSVP. 

Mandatory Rehearsal/Q&A

To be determined in the fall.

Parking Pass and Graduation Ticket information to follow
Students need to RSVP in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.  
You can receive up to 4 tickets for the CST ceremony. As we get closer to December, we will determine if we can release more tickets. 
You can receive up to 4 tickets for the UC ceremony. 

Cap and Gown
Graduates can order their cap and gown through the Bookstore in person or by ordering on their website:
The cost of your full academic regalia is as follows:

  • Bachelor's Degree: $73.98 + tax
  • Master's Degree: $79.98 + tax
  • Doctoral Degree: $92.98 + tax

For more information contact the Main Campus Bookstore at 215-204-4505 or 215-204-5578. 

Special Needs
If you or your guests need assistance, please let us know on the RSVP Web page in the “comments” section.

A photographer from Legacy Photographics is at the ceremony. Each graduate is photographed as they cross the stage. Legacy Photographics, Inc. will contact each graduate after the ceremony with information on how to purchase photos. If you have any questions, please contact Legacy at 1-800-447-2550 or 610-279-1791 or visit their website

Balloons are not allowed inside TPAC or McGonigle.

Diploma Information:
Diplomas will be mailed to graduating students within six to eight weeks of graduation. Keep in mind, the official document of record is the academic transcript, available through the Registrar's website (go to and click Transcript Services). Any questions regarding your diploma please email:


  • CST Graduation Ceremony is only for College of Science and Technology students who have not participated in a previous graduation.
  • The University Commencement ceremony, for all schools and colleges, is held once per year in May.

Faculty RSVP 

Faculty can RSVP for the CST Spring Ceremony. Faculty do not need tickets if they are processing in. If they are attending in the audience, they should request tickets. 

Questions about Ceremony Accessibility?

Do you have a guest with special needs?

There will be accessible seats if one or more of your guests uses a wheelchair or walker. McGonigle Hall  and Temple Performing Arts Center is wheelchair accessible, and there will be staff members at the accessible entrances available to assist your guests in finding accessible seats.  Because of the layout of the wheelchair accessible seating at our venue, guests in wheelchairs will be limited to three able-bodied companions next to their seat. Unfortunately, the rest of the party will be seated elsewhere.

The wheelchair accessible entrance to McGonigle Hall is on the north side of the building (closest to Pollet Walk). If you have guests with mobility issues, you will be able to drop them off on Broad Street near the ramp just past the 15th Street Lot (ie, near the Pollet Walk crosswalk across Broad Street). There is a ramp from the Broad Street sidewalk on that side of the building that goes right into the side entrance of McGonigle Hall, which is very close to the wheelchair seating.

If you have someone who uses a walker or cane, we will reserve the seats three rows UP and three rows DOWN from the main walkway so your guests will only have to maneuver 2-6 small steps to get to their seats. These are pictures of McGonigle Hall. Please note that if you come in the main entrance at Pearson Hall, you will have to maneuver either stairs or one of those mini-open elevators to get to the pedestrian level of the building. It will be easiest to come in the north side entrance with the ramp.

Note that many of the seats are simply benches; we've heard from past graduates that their older relatives are not very comfortable in these seats. You are welcome to bring stadium seat cushions with you. If your guest needs back support, make sure you get one with a self-supporting back (like the straps holding the back up). Ask around. If your family doesn't have any, you may have friends who are sports fans who have some you can borrow for the day!

Handicapped parking is in the same lots as regular parking, so you will be using the free shuttle bus, which is supposed to have wheelchair lifts. The shuttle will drop you off in front of the Temple Performing Arts Center (TPAC), which is right across the street from McGonigle's handicapped ramp.

This is the official accessibility information for the Temple Ceremony:

For more information
Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development
Paley Suite 150, 1210 Polett Walk