Course Registration

Where do I register ?

Meet with a Professional Advisor in the College of Science and Technology at the Office of Student Services:

  • If you are registering for your 1st or 2nd semester
  • If your GPA last semester or overall GPA is below a 2.0
  • If you are "readmitting"

Register online through TUPortal or TUcourses

  • If your GPA last semester or overall GPA is above a 2.0

When do I register ?

The exact date on which you can register depends on the number of semester hours you have completed. Please see the registration information from the Office of Academic Records.

Banner prerequisites and co-requisites

Prerequisites and co-requisites may be found by going to the Catalog Entry and Course Description and clicking on the title of the course to get to the Detailed Course Information. How to Read Banner Prerequisites and Co-requisites.

Banner Waitlisting

Temple University's Banner registration system has a waitlist process. How the waitlist is managed in CST.

CST sections with reserved seating

Most seats in CST sections are available to all students, though some are reserved for special populations. CST sections with reserved seating.

How do I know what courses to take ?

There is a "HOLD" on my account, can I still register for courses?

  • No you would not be able to register
  • You must clear the hold before you can register
  • See student responsibilities