Undergraduates who understand department courses, faculty and resources.

The Student Advisor and Advocate (SAA) is thoroughly familiar with course requirements, curricula and faculty within a College of Science and Technology (CST) department. SAAs also have information about career options for the department’s graduates.

SAAs hold regular office hours, and undergraduates can walk-in during office hours to receive advice on course load and resources available within the department. SAAs can also direct students to appropriate student academic and support resources. For long-term schedule planning, career planning and other serious advising matters, SAAs will refer students to CST main advising.

SAAs are also familiar with CST’s Grievance Procedure and are someone you can consult in case of an academic grievance within their department. Note that an academic grievance is defined as an instance where grading policies are not applied equally to an individual in the course compared to the rest of the class. This can include things like others receiving credit for an answer you did not, others being allowed grading opportunities you were not, DRS accommodations not being applied as required, among others. This process cannot help you if you think that the professor grades too harshly (with the exception of inequality in grading), you think extra credit opportunities should be offered but aren’t (with the exception of others were offered it but you weren’t), you don’t like the way a professor behaved, or you don’t like the structure of a course or the teaching style of the professor. Grievances that do not concern inequality in grading should be directed to either the department chair for the department where the course lives OR one of Temple’s Equal Opportunity Ombudspersons: https://diversity.temple.edu/ombudspersons.

If you would like to initiate an academic-related grievance over a potential incident of inequality in grading, you may do so by sending an email to cstgrv@temple.edu. From here, your case will be assigned to the appropriate SAA for follow up. Read the CST Student Grievance Procedure.

Current Student Advisor and Advocates

Student Advisor and Advocates do not hold office hours during winter break. If you are in need of reaching a Student Advisor and Advocate during this time, please email them directly or email cstgrv@temple.edu