URP Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements to Apply

  1. Current CST undergraduate student.
  2. An overall GPA of 2.75 and a GPA of 2.75 in all CST classes (including repeated CST courses and withdrawn CST courses). Both will be reviewed during the URP acceptance process.
  3. Completed the appropriate level of mathematics for your major.
  4. Completed two semesters in CST.  Typically, freshmen have not completed enough of the required entry-level CST courses to be considered for the program.  Transfer students who have been in CST for two semesters may also apply.
  5. Students can only participate in URP for a total of two semesters, only one of which can be summer – students cannot do two summers of URP.

What if I don't meet the URP requirements?

We encourage you to discuss this with the faculty advisor for your major. They will review your situation and determine if adding research would benefit your academic experience. Research can always be done outside of the program with approval of the department faculty advisors.

    How do I continue my research after two URP semesters?

    You can continue your research after your URP experience in a few ways:

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