How to Find Research

Research opportunities exist both on and off Temple's campus. The best way to find research that's a good fit for you is to do your own research.

Use Our Existing List

Take a look at the lists below to see the current projects for Fall 2020. Research projects areĀ available for URP students virtually or on Temple's Main orĀ Health Science campuses. This list is updated each semester with available projects.

Fall 2020 Research List *Updated 7/2/2020*

    Research the Researcher!

    1. Create a list of faculty that you'd like to work with based on your interests. Make sure you select a few as lab space is limited.
    2. Use faculty researcher websites to conduct research on each faculty member you would be interested in working with:
      • Do they have their own lab, and if so, what does their research focus on?
      • Read/skim through at least one publication by that faculty member to learn more about their research.
    3. Email the faculty member to set up an interview with them for their lab.
      • You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you!
      • Provide your updated resume in the email when you send it
      • Check out How to Contact Research Faculty written by a research faculty member

    CST Department Research Opportunities

    Take a look at the websites below for more information regarding research offerings in each CST department.