Undergraduate Research Program (URP)

Real-world experience with world-class researchers


Our mission is to connect students new to research with experienced faculty to learn specialized techniques, methodologies, and procedures necessary for research within their discipline. Student will learn a variety of skills ranging from how to conduct researce and effectively communicate results to collaboration.

What is the Undergraduate Research Program?

A research program specifically designed to allow students in the College of Science and Technology to work with distinguished Temple faculty members on both the Main campus and the Health Sciences campus to complete hands on research in their particular field of interest. The program runs in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and students can apply for the semester that best fits their schedule.

Why Participate in the Undergraduate Research Program?

The Undergraduate Research Program is designed for students with no research experience to train with faculty who will guide them in developing research skills which will enable them to collaborate with other faculty or conduct independent research projects in the future. Post-undergraduate, professional degree programs, and employers seek students who have gained “hands-on” laboratory experience outside the classroom. Throughout your participation the program, you will build relationships with faculty, post-doctoral students, and peers which is a good way to get recommendations and open doors even you can't imagine! Learn more about the URP here!


Rose McGinnis