Summer Research Opportunities

Apply now - deadlines are quickly approaching!


January 22, 2019 Summary

  • REU's to Consider!!
  • Gates Center Summer Internship Program
  • CHOP Dept. of Pediatrics Summer Research Program
  • Associate of American Medical Colleges
  • Medicine Institute at Allegheny Health Network
  • Pathways to Science - Institute for Broadening Participation

January 13, 2019 Summary

  • Four Directions Summer Research Program
  • Urban Water Innovation Network @ Colorado State
  • Biomedical Research to Combat Diseases of Aging
  • Summer REU – Ecosystems Studies
  • Latino Mental health Research Training Program
  • Allegheny Health Network Medicine Institute Research
  • Temple University Diamond Research Scholars - Applications now OPEN!

      Local Opportunities:

      • Temple University CST URP Program
      • CHOP Research Program
      • Thomas Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences

      Additional Opportunities:

      • Vollum Institute/ OHSU Neuroscience Graduate Program
      • Okeanos Explorer-In-Training Program
      • Medical College of Wisconsin Summer Programs
      • Minority Health International Research Training Program
      • University of Pittsburgh Undergraduate Research Program
      • NEC Research Labs
      • Rutgers Geopath Field Camp
      • NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP)
      • Nemours Summer URP
      • Health Equity Summer Scholars Program
      • NYU School of Medicine
      • Amgen Scholars Foundation