Grace Giraldo

Grace Giraldo

Grace’s career in technology started with the US Government Internal Revenue Service computing center, supporting mainframe applications and later desktops. The experience in mainframes exposed Grace to computer and job control language, but it was in desktop support she discovered her passion for engineering and hands-on problem solving, configuring system hardware, and learning to manage operating systems.

Grace moved to Delaware where she joined Chase in 1999. Through her career in the Financial Industry, she has worked for several lines of business including Retail Banking, Credit Cards, Internet Banking and Corporate. Grace broadened her technologist background by working in a range of roles in different technology disciplines and continually learning and achieving professional certifications in Operating Systems, Networking, Information and Cyber Security. She started in IT as a Desktop and Executive Support role, and developed her tactical skills into Technology Lead and Information Risk Management Lead.

Currently Grace is responsible for implementing the new Cyber Framework designed to uplift our firm’s Cyber Standards, reporting into Corporate Cyber Governance, Policies and Standards team.

Grace has a Doctoral degree in Information Management from Syracuse University, a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Marshall University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, she also maintains her professional certification in Information Security (CISSP).


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