Graduate Certificate: Information Science and Technology

The graduate certificate in Information Science and Technology is designed to meet the professional needs of individuals in the workforce who require advanced training and advanced competencies in computer science. Students who complete the certificate program have the option of enrolling in the M.S. program in Information Science and Technology and having their coursework in which they earned a grade of "B" or higher count toward the master's degree.

Full-Time/Part-Time Status: The graduate certificate can be completed on a part-time basis.

Non-Matriculated Student Policy: Students can take up to 9 credits on a non-matriculated basis. When they complete 9 credits, they must declare their intention to complete the graduate certificate in Information Science and Technology by completing and submitting the “Non-Degree Seeking Student Request to Exceed 9 Credits of Graduate Coursework for Certificate Program," found in TUportal under the Tools tab within “University Forms.”


The graduate information science and technology certificate includes a required Comp Systems Security&Privacy course and three additional courses ranging from CIS 5100 to CIS 5499, totaling 10 credit hours. Please note the prerequisites for these courses. For more information, visit the related websites below.

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Administrative Coordinator:

Julie Skrocki



Graduate Advisor:

Tony Hughes



Graduate Chairperson:

Chiu Chiang Tan



Department Chairperson:

Slobodan Vucetic