High-performance computing for scientific applications PSM

Computation, in tandem with theory and experiment, is highly regarded in the advance of scientific knowledge and engineering practice. In recognition of a growing need for experts cross-trained in relevant computational sciences, applied mathematics, statistics, and traditional scientific fields such as chemistry and physics, the Professional Science Master's program in High-Performance Computing for Scientific Applications is targeted toward STEM graduates seeking to use high-performance computation as their primary research instrument in the physical sciences, life sciences, and engineering.

The core curriculum introduces students to the architecture of high-performance computing systems, mathematical techniques employed in high-performance computing, the software tools used in parallel calculations, and computational methods used in the sciences and engineering. A distinguishing feature of the program is its paired emphasis on the algorithms and technology of high-performance computing in applications to problems in science and engineering. Cross-disciplinary techniques are emphasized, and learning through applications and individually designed projects are prioritized over theory.

Department Contacts
David Futer, PhD
Graduate Chairperson