Professional Science Master's in Bioinnovation

Temple University’s Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Bioinnovation program is designed for recent graduates (STEM and non-STEM) as well as professionals with varied backgrounds, including science, business, communication, and law.

The program features extensive curriculum developed by Temple’s College of Science and Technology and the Fox School of Business and offers students specialized knowledge and practical experience needed to pursue rewarding careers in some of today’s fastest growing fields, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, scientific information, technology transfer and public health. Developed by the Council of Graduate School and industry, the PSM degree is designed for individuals wishing to pursue advanced scientific training and develop skills highly valued by non-academic employers. PSM graduates interact comfortably with researchers and clinicians as well as with managers, especially in the marketing, finance and legal departments, and are uniquely equipped to manage research breakthroughs.

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