Alumni Weekend 2019

College of Science and Technology Events

CST Extreme Reception & Lecture
Friday, May 17
6:00 to 9:30PM
Science Education and Research Center 

From the frozen Antarctic to the scorching tropics
Learn what it takes to prepare for and conduct an Antarctic research expedition. Presented by Professor Atsuhiro Muto, who is part of the largest-ever United States-United Kingdom collaborative scientific field campaign to investigate the forces that could eventually collapse the massive Thwaites Glacier in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The Thwaites already accounts for 4 percent of global sea-level rise, so scientists seek to understand how the glacier could potentially disappear in the next several decades or centuries.

Explore how one scientist works to identify species decline in the tropics. Professor Jocelyn Behm will offer a first-hand account of conducting biodiversity conservation research on threatened species in tropical locations including central America, southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean.  Behm, a principal investigator at Temple University's iEcoLab research center, is a biologist who studies the mechanisms that cause species decline and the solutions that reduce future declines using a mix of field surveys, lab and field experiments, and modeling. 

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STEM Carnival
Saturday, May 18
10:30AM to NOON
Science Education and Research Center 

Featuring fun and inspiring activities for kids 8 through 14, the Temple STEM Carnival (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) will introduce young people to important concepts in basic science, engineering, robotics, computer science, applied mathematics and more. Kids will work directly with College of Science and Technology undergraduates to learn how scientists work, what it takes to be a real researcher and how science impacts the world we all live in.

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