Natural Science

Natural Science BA

The BA in the Natural Sciences is a challenging major that requires an understanding of all of the natural sciences and a firm foundation in the mathematics that supports the sciences. In addition, a concentration area will focus the students' study toward the specific professional area. Students may choose this major as a foundation for pharmacy, medicine, law, dental, nursing or science education (grades 5-10) professions.


Multiple professional programs including science education, pharmacy, nursing, medicine, science-related business, legal professions etc. require a broad understanding of science and application of science to their respective field. These professional programs require both the knowledge and application of the disciplines and critical reasoning skills.

Students who are interested in patent law or management of high-tech industries would also be served by this major. However, this program of study will not prepare students for graduate study in a traditional science discipline nor will it prepare students for technical employment in a traditional science discipline.


The introductory part of the Natural Science program includes differential and integral calculus, a year of biology, a year of algebra-based or calculus-based physics, a year of general chemistry, a semester of geology, and a semester of programming. Students must take a qualifying examination after completion of the introductory requirements. In addition, students must choose a concentration area in chemistry, biology, geology, or physics and complete a total of 4 upper level courses (of 3 or more credits each) in that concentration area. One of these courses must be writing intensive.

Program Goals

After completing this program, students should:

  • have the ability to process and evaluate effectively both theoretical and real-life quantitative data.
  • be able to communicate using oral, written, or electronic media, and have the teamwork and leadership skills needed to recognize, isolate, and solve mathematical problems.
  • be committed and open to continuous learning, new ideas, and be able to bring them to bear to help others.

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