Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics & Computer Science BS

Program Goals

After completing this program, students should:

  • have the ability to process and evaluate effectively both theoretical and real-life quantitative data.
  • be able to communicate using oral, written, or electronic media, and have the teamwork and leadership skills needed to recognize, isolate, and solve mathematical and computer science problems.
  • be committed and open to life-long learning, new ideas, and be able to bring them to bear to help others.
  • be competent in software design and implementation.
  • be proficient in using computer technology and software in solving both theoretical and applied problems.

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, students should:

  • be able to analyze end-user requirements for information systems and develop effective and efficient solution, utilizing various methodologies, CASE and project management tools
  • have effective programming, program debugging, and program testing skills
  • be proficient in at least one programming language.
  • be knowledgeable in common data structures and the use of standard libraries.
  • know the discrete mathematical foundations of Computer Science
  • be proficient in applying mathematics concepts from calculus and probability and statistics to problem solving and research
  • have an understanding of operating systems and system architectures, including networks and distributed systems.
  • be able to generalize, synthesize and analyze ideas and communicate in writing clearly and effectively
  • handle unfamiliar concepts and situations and apply disciplined thinking techniques to new settings
  • analyze and model real world problems and to suggest solutions
  • work on projects in teams

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