Mathematics BA and Mathematics BS

Program Goals

After completing this program, students should

  • have the ability to process and evaluate effectively both theoretical and real-life quantitative data.
  • be able to communicate using oral, written, or electronic media, and have the skills and background knowledge needed to recognize, isolate, and solve mathematical problems.
  • be committed and open to continuous learning and new ideas, and be able to use them for professional and personal development

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, students should

  • make effective use of numerical computations
  • make effective use of algebraic computations
  • understand basic concepts of abstract algebra
  • understand basic concepts of real and complex analysis
  • be able to synthesize ideas
  • be able to communicate ideas in writing clearly and effectively
  • be able to communicate ideas verbally clearly and effectively
  • be able to handle unfamiliar concepts and situations
  • be able to apply disciplined thinking techniques to new settings
  • be able to visualize geometric situations
  • be able to translate real-life data into mathematics
  • be able to use computing devices to assist discovery and analysis
  • be able to approach situations with multiple perspectives
  • have sufficient mathematical background for employment in a math-related field

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Dr. Boris Datskovsky
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