Show Us Your Internship!

Each semester, CST students participate in internships opportunities. Take a look at where you will find some of our current CST students!

Eric Gurevich, Computer Science

In Summer 2019, I interned at Guru, a local company specializing in Knowledge Management web software. I was a backend intern, building server endpoints using Enterprise Java technologies and some database tools. It was a wonderful, fun work environment and everyone was super nice and helpful!


Davis Samuel and Ariela Pellumbi, Computer Science and Natnail Belete, Data Science

We did our summer internship working in Consumer and Community Banking at Delaware Technology Center in Wilmington. We had a great time learning and networking with so many employees of the company!


Khai Nguyen, Computer Science

As part of NASDAQ cloud migration initiative, the primary goal for my project in Quality Assurance is to develop a cloud-based, scalable testing platform that will eventually replace the current costly on-premise system. This involves building automation scripts that allow on-click startup of the AWS cloud cluster, executing Kubernetes container commands, and checking status of the systems as well as individual containerized applications. In addition, a Resource Monitor web dashboard is also needed for QA analysts to watch how CPU, RAM, disk and Network are being used, which gives insights into how the test system behave on cloud compared to on-premise.

Myra Zubair, Computer Science

I’m working at Electronic Arts this summer in Austin, TX as a Software Engineer Intern with the Data Science department. I’m collaborating with another intern from the Innovations Lab department to build a web application that performs text analytics using Structural Topic Models. It’s been a great introduction to unsupervised machine learning and its applications. Out of 140 submissions from all over EA, our project was one of the 14 selected for the “What If Innovation Fair” which is an internal company wide fair for innovative projects. I’ve had an amazing time working at EA, the employees are super friendly and the culture is amazing (read: VR gaming on fridays)!

Colin McDermott, Computer Science

I interned at a healthcare company called CareLync this summer. CareLync is a upcoming company located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and everyone here is very polite. My time here involved creating a front end for a database to allow CareLync's employees to store their work in a safe and easy place. I had a great time meeting new people and learning new skills.

Kristina Balciar, Information Science and Technology

I am a systems specialist intern at Select Medical's corporate office in Mechanicsburg, PA. I am in the Information Services department working with the ServiceNow team. ServiceNow is the platform that they use to develop and automate processes within the company. I was responsible for development and configuration of items within the platform as well as creating mockups for contract and asset forms. I have valued this internship experience as an introduction into future career opportunities. 

Khang Huynh, Mathematics/Computer Science

I'm in a vocation training program at SAP America this summer. My department is called the CoE, Central of Expertise. We provide services to our top prioritized client on SAP products. My team is in charge of SAP HANA database products. My work includes developing utilization tools in SAP systems, designing prototypes for clients, and preparing workshops and giving presentations to our clients. Recently I joined an Innovation Camp hosted by SAP to promote our new products and service, and I had a chance to present in front of many of our clients such as Coca Cola, Hersheys, Johnson and Johnson, etc. It's really amazing to not just do development work but have handson experience to see how my tools are implemented in practical cases as well!

Ioannis Kiouris-Kyparisis, Computer Science

I selected this internship with Clone Systems, Inc. to improve my resume, and I ended up leaving with as much knowledge as junior level staff.  This experience was amazing. The opportunity and my placement specifically within the dev ops group led me in the right direction to improve my programming skills, but also my general understanding around IT infrastructure and how systems interact securely. The highlight for me was being able to learn so much in such a short period of time. I will be forever grateful for my time here. My advice to others would be: DO NOT wait, and learn as much as you can NOW!

Nhat Quang Tran, Mathematics/Computer Science

I interned at Amazon Japan this summer where I worked on Alexa’s interactions with users, making Alexa more friendly and understanding. The work culture is great, the people are awesome. I got to do interesting and meaningful work as an intern. It’s a good experience.


Nicholas Gonzalez & Zakia Hossain, Computer Science 

We are interning as software developers for the business solutions team at FS Investments for the summer. Currently we are working on two very different projects. Nico has been working with the support team in writing C# scripts, SQL and using different programming tools to work on improving the existing features of the FS web-application. Zakia has been working with a new sub-team - we have been researching on AWS, testing out ETL tools and using software tools like Terraform to aid us in cloud migration. We learned a great deal and grown as software developers in the few weeks we have been interning at FS.

Anh Nguyen, Computer Science

I'm interning at Nvidia in their headquarter, Santa Clara this summer. As an AI Engineer, I am focusing on scaling up performance of Kaldi Speech Recognition with the help of CUDA for writing optimized GPU kernel targeting recent Nvidia architectures like V100, T4.



Maksym Goroshko, Computer Science

I am a Software Developer Intern at Moody’s Analytics in an E-commerce team. My department is responsible for providing internal solutions for financial problems for Moody’s Corporation and external solutions for other customers. My responsibilities as a software developer are to develop and work on existing features of the software Moody’s produces and offers, mostly it is web-applications. Over the past eight weeks of my internship, working in a team with such skillful teammates allowed me to gain a flexible and broad experience in the software development life cycle, and now I feel very confident in my skills.

Gabriella Farrisi, Information Science & Technology

Working for as a Software Developer Intern for Comcast has been one of the most educational and rewarding experiences I have had in tech. I have been made to feel like a fully valued member of the team. Everyday I wake up eager to face the challenges that may come before me!



Sunjay Rampall, Information Science & Technology

I'm working at a start up called Vbit Technologies (@vbit_tech). My job role is an all purpose technical hand, expected to adapt to whatever the given demands of the day bring. One full week in, I built a customer database, wireframed a new website to be coded next week, learned Photoshop to polish event flyer and am currently developing content ideas to build out an inbound marketing campaign. I've learned that working at a startup requires a different set of skills compared to working at an established company, but this is the exact fit for me as someone who enjoys solving interesting problems.


Kevin Esslinger, Mathematics/Computer Science

I am interning at Amazon this summer on the Publisher Analytics and Reporting team. I works with Kindle data to generate insightful reports for publishers. Here I am in The Spheres, Amazon’s alternative workspace designed to imitate a rainforest. 



Linda Vong, Biology 

For the Summer 2019 term, I am interning at the Center for Animal Research and Education (C.A.R.E.) facility located in Bridgeport, Texas. My tasks as an intern include gaining practical experience in exotic animal husbandry and I will be involved with our educational and research programs. Experiences at CARE will include feeding, cleaning, animal health, animal management, behavioral studies, chemical immobilization, record keeping, assisting in construction and habitat modification, public speaking, fundraising and related activities. Interns will also be involved with the volunteer and tour programs. The initial move to Texas was quite baring for a city girl, but everyone is so kind and welcoming. I am learning so much about exotic animals and I love what I am doing. 

Charles Chang, Mathematics/Computer Science

I'm at Google this Summer on the Fuchsia Operating System team. A lot of the first three weeks of work were learning how the Operating System works and getting familiar with the Dart and Flutter languages. I also learned how to use Vim and Git! Pretty much 90% of my work day is spent in a Linux terminal so I am now extremely familiar with navigating that environment. A lot of the start up was pretty intimidating since I didn't know a lot of stuff, but now I am a lot more familiar with the environment and I think the past month was one of the most informative months I've ever had. Everyone here is super smart so I might have had a little impostor syndrome, but now that I'm a month in I feel way more confident in my skills.


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