CST Merit Scholarship Summer Educational Enhancement Opportunities

Pursue Summer 2019 Opportunities

The College of Science and Technology encourages students to pursue research as part of their Summer Educational Enhancement Opportunity. A list of research projects is included here and will be updated each week with new projects.  Some projects are on the Health Sciences Campus and others are in the College of Science and Technology.

The application process for Summer 2019 is now closed.

Information on how to contact research faculty via email

Sample Faculty Research Communication Email

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Please keep the following things in mind if you are considering research this summer:

1)  It is your responsibility to reach out to the research faculty for a possible lab spot.  These faculty members are often VERY busy - so they may not respond on your first email.  Please be respectful and polite in your email communication.  See the Sample Faculty Research Communication Email link for additional information.   Once labs the space, they may not respond to other students due to time constraints.  Again we do not place anyone in a lab - you must make the match.

2)  Spots in a lab are very limited -  Often there is only 1 undergraduate spot - so do not leave this process till the deadline to start or you will NOT be successful.  Start now!  Research the researchers!  Make sure you have some understanding of what they do in their lab and have an interest in that area. Read or review their research papers so you are well prepared to meet with them  - you do not need to understand it all but you should have some idea of what the lab is trying to accomplish.

3)  Do not just contact one!  - you should pick your top 5 to 10 labs and reach out to all of them to see where you fit and if they have a spot - counting on one lab will most likely not be a good idea.

4)  You may have found another faculty member not on this list below who has agreed to work with you either here or at another institution.  That is most likely possible - you need to complete your application and specify that information for review and we will let you know if it is approved.

5)  Remember - the stipend states 300 hours - How you accomplish that is up to you and your PI (Principle Investigator - research faculty member)  Each lab sets their own dates and times and work hours.  So know your schedule going in and make sure it is a fit for the lab.  Some labs may ask for more than 300 hours from you as they have many things they want you to accomplish - that is something you will need to decide.  Remember  - research is not like a job where you work 9 to 5.  There may be animals that need to be cared for or equipment that has limited time to use - so you should be flexible if possible.  If the lab is going to train you they may also want you to continue in the fall to continue your project - this would be possible via the URP program so again keep an open mind.

Please contact Rose McGinnis at mcginnr@temple.edu for additional information on research projects.