Career Basics

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Whether you are a first year student, transfter student, or about to graduate, we can talk with you about your career goals and make an action plan to achieve them!

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You can meet with our CST Career Coach Kelsey Craig or Rose McGinnis to discuss a variety of career development topics. Schedule an appointment with us on Handshake! Be sure to click College of Science and Technology to see all our available appointments.

Resume Reviews

We recommend that every student have their resume reviewed at least once before they graduate! Take a look at the University Career Center Career Guide then email a PDF or Word version of your resume to for review. Feedback is provided through Handshake. Any questions can be directed to Kelsey Craig at

CST Opportunities Newsletter

Each week, CST students and alumni receive an email which informs them about available internships/jobs, upcoming professional development workshops, employer visits, and campus and local events. If you are not receiving the CST Opportunities emails, please email Rose McGinnis at

What can you be doing NOW?

New student?
Sophomore/Junior/Transfer Student?

Employers are looking for skills you already have!

These are just some of the skills to make sure you have on your resume and talk about in your interviews:

Critical thinking/problem solving
  • How do you provide solutions through your current experiences in which you’ve had to discuss various options without the assistance of others?
  • When have you worked collaboratively with other students in group projects or research assignments?
Professionalism/work ethic
  • When have you completed tasks in a timely manner? When have you done the right thing when no one is looking? How do you dress and speak in a professional workplace?
Oral/written communications
  • Are your email communications formatted with proper greetings, grammar, and salutations? Do you have an appropriate voicemail on your phone? Do you share your thoughts and opinions in a clear and concise manner?