Earth & Environmental Science

MS in Geology and PhD in Geoscience

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers two graduate degrees: a two-year MS degree in Geology and a PhD in Geosciences. Several specialties are currently recruiting PhD students. All specialties are open to masters students

The graduate program includes: graduate courses in geology and geosciences, weekly graduate seminars, qualifying exams, and research leading to a master's or PhD thesis. Graduates of the masters program have been very successful in securing positions in industry and government as well as being accepted into doctoral programs. The PhD program is new, but we anticipate students obtaining positions in academia, government, and non-governmental service organizations.

Our PhD program focuses on basic understanding of the geological processes and cycles which affect human well-being and how the increasing human population and technology alter those processes and their effects. The program will build on our current research areas and focus on new and emerging areas of geosciences. The degree name, geosciences, reflects the increasing interdisciplinary interactions in the field, and we encourage students from a variety of science majors who are qualified to take graduate coursework in geosciences to consider the program.

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Alexandra Davatzes
Graduate Chair

Shelah Cox
Graduate Administrator