Computer & Information Sciences

MS and PhD in Computer Science & Information Technology

The goals of the graduate programs are to provide students with a deep understanding of fundamentals and important current applications. Our faculty emphasizes learning at the research frontier so students can develop theory, methodology and experimental skills to investigate and solve advanced technological issues. The programs provide technical and system support to innovative scholars to continue cutting-edge research that advances the field.

Faculty and graduate students within the Department of Computer & Information Sciences are heavily involved in scholarly activities, with much of the work focused in two research centers. The Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics advances research in data mining, machine learning, knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, computer vision and optimization. The Center for Networked Computing focuses on solving challenging problems in computer networks and systems, and cyberspace security. The department offers:

  • Computer Science MS
  • Computational Data Science MS
  • Information Science & Technology MS
  • Cyber Defense and Information Assurance PSM
  • Computer Science PhD, AI & Applications Concentration
  • Computer Science PhD, Computer & Network Systems Concentration
  • Computer Science PhD, Information Systems Concentration
  • Computer Science PhD, Software Systems Concentration

After completing a program, students should:

  • function professionally as computer scientists and software engineers
  • communicate using oral, written, or electronic media
  • have the teamwork and leadership skills needed to recognize, isolate, and solve system implementation problems
  • be committed and open to continuous learning, new ideas, and be able to bring them to bear to help others
  • have developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • be prepared for a more advanced graduate research in computer science and related disciplines¬†


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Eduard Dragut
Graduate Chair

Julie Skrocki
Academic Programs Coordinator