Fundamentals of Programming

Fundamentals of Programming Certificate

This certificate is appropriate for anyone interested in adding technology to your existing studies. Computer Science, Information Science and Technology, Math and Computer Science, or Math and Computer Science with Teaching majors cannot get this certificate. The certificate provides knowledge and skills in two programming languages as well as database knowledge.


The fundamentals of programming certificate includes a required three-course core of programming in python or programming in C, program design and abstraction, and database and file management systems, totaling 12 credit hours. Please note the prerequisites for these courses. For more information, visit the related websites below.

Program Goals

After completing the program, students should:

  • Solve programming problems in an intuitive way using both a logical and algorithm based approach
  • Learn how to write code which is testable and maintainable
  • Understand the use of data and data management and their relationship to problem solving using technology solutions.

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Dr. Jie Wu, Chair
Science Education and Research Center, Room 304

Ms. Wendy Urban, Faculty Advisor
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