Professional Science Master's in Biotechnology

The development of new technologies based on living organisms and their products continues to transform research and development in diverse scientific fields.  The need for effective biotechnological approaches is underscored by the rapidly increasing ecological footprint of the world’s growing population.  The Professional Master’s in Biotechnology is a two-year degree program hosted at the Department of Biology with courses taught by diverse faculty from Temple University, industry, and government. Students will work directly with our research faculty on real-world projects, gaining hands-on skills necessary to solve emerging problems. The program will culminate in a research project based at Temple University or one of it’s industry and government partners in Philadelphia.

Developed by the Council of Graduate Schools and industry, the PSM degree is designed for individuals wishing to pursue advanced scientific training and develop skills highly valued by non-academic employers. PSM graduates interact comfortably with researchers and clinicians as well as with managers, especially in the marketing, finance and legal departments, and are uniquely equipped to manage research breakthroughs.

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