Chemistry with Teaching

Career Options

Completion of the Chemistry with Teaching degree will prepare students for the same scientific and related careers as the Chemistry BA program. In addition, students will also be prepared to take the Pennsylvania Department of Education Praxis exams, which will certify them to teach Chemistry in a secondary school classroom in Pennsylvania, and in states with reciprocal agreements with Pennsylvania. The pedagogy courses in this program are especially designed for science and mathematics majors, and emphasize skills in designing and delivering inquiry-based curricula, with extensive opportunities for practice teaching in Philadelphia School District classrooms.


The department offer BA and BS degrees, including one recognized and accredited by the American Chemical Society. Chemistry majors take courses in organic, physical and analytical chemistry. The major emphasizes "hands-on" laboratory experience that is the hallmark of chemical research. This now includes practicums in computational chemistry, an important new area that offers significant career opportunities. The college follows the Undergraduate Professional Education guidelines of the American Chemical Society. 

After completing either program, students should:

  • know how to write a scientific report, analyze data, and place these results in a broader scientific context
  • know material from foundational and in-depth course work in 4 out of 5 subdivisions of chemical research: Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Inorganic Chemistry ;Organic Chemistry; and Physical Chemistry
  • have laboratory skills in a broad range of subdivisions through laboratory experience in 4 of 5 chemistry subdivisions
  • have problem-solving skills such as the ability to develop testable hypotheses; design and execute experiments and data analysis
  • be able to research chemical literature
  • have laboratory safety skills
  • be able to communicate their knowledge of chemistry as developed in the capstone courses
  • be able to work effectively as part of a team as developed through their laboratory courses.

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