30th Anniversary Emil Grosswald Lecture

Monday, Sept. 23, 4-5:30PM (includes reception following lecture)
Science Education and Research Center, Room 110A
1925 N. 12th Street
Main Campus

Laura DeMarco, Northwestern University, will present connections between recent research in dynamical systems and the classical theory of elliptic curves and rational points. On the dynamical side, specifically in the study of iteration of rational functions (Julia sets, bifurcations, the Mandelbrot set), but originating in the mathematical study of planetary motion, the first connections were observed about 100 years ago. On the arithmetic side, it was probably the 1960s when dynamical ideas were first used as tools to understand the arithmetic geometry of elliptic curves and higher-dimensional varieties. Dr. DeMarco will offer examples of how these relationships developed and where they have brought us today.

To RSVP, contact barbara.fles@temple.edu

DeMarco will present second and third lectures on September 24 at 4pm and 5:30pm in Wachman Hall, Room 617.

August 21, 2019