Board Meeting Materials

April 21, 2017 Reports


Pre-Health Post Baccaluareate - Robert Levis

PSM and STEM Outreach - Susan Varnum

Technology Commercialization - Stephen Nappi

Undergraduate Programs - Michael Lawlor

Faculty Research - Sudhir Kumar

Development Report - David Miller

Meeting minutes-Coming soon


October 21, 2016 Reports

Pre-health Post-baccalaureate - Grace Hershman 

Faculty Research - Robert Levis

PSM and STEM - Susan Varnum

Undergraduate Programs - Michael Lawlor and Evelyn Vleck

Development Report - John Walker

Meeting minutes


April 8, 2016 Reports

New Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate Program – Grace Hershman/Robert Levis

Selected research – Benjamin Seibold

Professional Science Master’s update – Susan Varnum

University Research Overview – Michele Masucci

Undergraduate program changes – Mia Luehrmann

Development and Alumni Affairs – David Miller and John Walker 

Meeting Minutes April 8, 2016


October 23, 2015 Reports

University Development-James Dicker

Selected Research-Ronald Levy

PSM and undergraduate report-Robert Levis and Mia Luehrmann

STEM Education Network-Susan Varnum

CST Development and Alumni Affairs-John Walker

Meeting Minutes October 23, 2015


April 17, 2015 Reports

Dean's highlights - Michael L. Klein, FRS

New budget model and financial overview of Temple University - Ken Kaiser

Selected research - S. Blair Hedges

Campus plan and IRB - Omar Hijab

New master’s and certificates programs - Shohreh Amini and Mia Luehrmann

TUteach update, Strategic Partnerships and STEM network  - Susan Varnum

Development and Alumni Affairs - John Walker